Cherry Bombin' Wear - Recycled, Reconstructed Bicycle Tubes


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Cherry Bombin’ wear products are all designed & created reusing old rubber inner-tubes, mainly from bicycles. Being durable & waterproof, up-cycled rubber is the ultimate alternative to leather & is 100% sustainable. Cherry Bombin’ wear rubber products will last a decade! All pieces are hand made & one of a kind.

Reusing these tubes also promotes the minimization of consumption and waste, helping to reduce ‘our’ carbon footprint. Cherry Bombin’ wear products prove that you can continue to have fresh gear while investing your monies responsibly, supporting small business, based on sustainability!

Cherry Bombin’ wear designs consist of a variety of wallets, wrist cuffs, belts, pocket books, purses, totes, adult novelty, messenger & travel bags, even clothing! Custom ordering is also available.

All creations are one of a kind and are pieced together from scratch. The process is long and vigorous, guaranteeing quality craftsmanship and longevity. Cherry Bombin’ wear designs and patterns are original and created by modisite, Anzela Tsimahidis.

Thank you for supporting small sustainable business!

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Recycling rubber as a leather alternative since '07 --

100% recycled 100% hand made.