Cherry Bombin' Wear - Recycled, Reconstructed Bicycle Tubes


::Bag THAT Plastic::

An estimated 500-billion -- 1-trillion plastic bags are consumed a Year. A Cherry Bombin’ wear rubber bag is not only the perfect alternative to a plastic bag, but it will last a decade! Simply wipe & disinfect when needed. Many people find these bags great for bath, beach, water sports, fitness & yoga.

::DIY t-shirt tote::

  1. grab some old t-shirts, even tank tops.
  2. cut the sleeves off (if needed)
  3. turn the shirt inside out
  4. sew the bottom two sides of the shirt together
  5. turn right side out:
  6. voila!, a new/reused/reusable clothe bag!

::Global Warming::

The food you eat may contribute to global warming even more than the gasoline you put in your car! Reducing or eliminating the amount of meat, eggs, and dairy products in your diet is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about farm animal welfare, factory farming’s environmental impacts, and what you can do to be a conscious consumer!
Visit: The Humane Society.

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