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Hey there you gxys ... ( I am really loving this X letter replacement & am doing it across the board)... & for those of you who aren't up to speed with the X replacement, this respelling is to broaden the scope of each group addressed to include transgender, non-binary & people of color.  A.k.a. Inclusive! 

So what is up with not being able to categorize my company accurately?  Over this last year that I have been establishing Cherry Bombin' wear among all the maps & apps, the only option category I see fit is 'health & wellness.' 

Is this what other folx are doing?



I feel like we should have our own category. Either a sub category of health & wellness or it's own dayyum thing!  I mean..., the sex positive Revolution began 40+ years ago & is it's own thing with it's very own presence. 

For example, your 'back-in-the-day' sleazy sex shop would categorize themselves as entertainment vs. health & wellness.

We are also in a completely new age of sex & sexuality.  (What wave are we?  I am guessing fifth wave? ...maybe even sixth? ) 

All of the feminist, inclusive sex stores follow a standard code of ethic regarding sexual health & wellness for all bodies.  ...& most if not all, of these brick & mortar stores, offer sex educational classes to their communities in addition to selling pleasure products.

So with that said...How do we get this huge wave of Womxn owned sex positive business' recognized on a professional level here?  Like how much more visibility is it going to take? And what shall this be called??  ...Whatever it is, it needs to have SEX in it so we can own that shit alreadyyyy!   

XOXcherry bomb


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