Cherry Bombin' wear FAQ (Freak-quently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Freak-quently Asked Questions)

Sexy Upcycled Rubber tubes

Hey ya lovers of all that goood love ... thanks for checking out my page !! I am currently switching over my website which means I have a bunch of blogs to write in order to get my content up. YAY! 

I've been working with these rubber bike tubes for 12 years & yes people have questions. Not only are we talking about a textile that has never been used to scale like this, but the rubber tube is second generation, used for it's original purpose then up-cycled for a whole new use.  Yes pretty fucking rad! 

There are 2 questions I am asked frequently ... 1. Does the rubber have latex in it? and 2. What does it smell like, Does it smell like rubber? 


1A.  There is no latex in bicycle or tractor tube rubber.  This rubber is a butyl rubber, which is a synthetic rubber.

2A. The rubber does have a slight synthetic rubber smell.  All the rubber has been washed pre production but still does carry a smell for a short time.  After a few uses & washes the synthetic smell does dissipate, in fact the rubber will take on the scent of it's owner. We recommend using our specialty formulated cleanser & conditioner to help this process move quickly along.  

Rubber Cleanser & Conditioner

Cherry Bombin' wear Squeaky Cleaner & Softening Conditioner $19.99

Other questions we've been asked are as follows:

Q:  Is the metal hardware on Cherry Bombin' wear (CBW) nickel free?

A: No the metal hardware may contain traces of nickel.  If you have a sensitivity, so do I ... email with us & we can look into getting you a personalized item with zero nickel XOX 

Q:  what should I use to clean my CBW items?

A:  Cherry Bombin’ wear recommends cleaning all it's rubber wear with it's specially formulated non-toxic plant based soap, the Squeaky Cleaner followed by conditioning it with our very own "Softening Conditioner."

Q:  What is the best way to store my CBW items?

A:  After cleaning, we highly recommend conditioning the rubber with our "Softening Conditioner."  This valuable step will keep it super soft, maintaining the rubber’s soft pliability & integrity over an extended period of time.  If the rubber is not cared for properly it can dry & crack. 

 Q:  Are any of Cherry Bombin' wear items lined with fabric or can I order one with it?

A:  No, CBW does not use fabric on any of the items to keep them anti-bacterial & easy to clean.  Also, the rubber is super soft without fabrics, doesn't need it & could potentially wear out much faster with fabric, in turn limiting it's very own life span.

Q:  Can I order a custom piece?

A:  OMG yes definitely, We love making custom designs when time permits! Whether its a custom size, design ... even costume we love it!  Email us

 Q:  Does the roadster harness work without using the center pad?

A:  yes it does, in fact we suggest getting crafty & trying it multiple ways …. then let us know how it goes & send pixx!

 Q: Can I use my vac-u-lock with the Roadster Harness?

A: yes the vac-u-lock is compatible & I have had some great feedback from users with the vac-u-lock.

Ok so those are all of the FAQ for now my peeps ... if you have one that is not listed on here feel free to email us & we will be happy to answer!

XOX (Consensual Kisses & Huggs)

Cherry Bombin' wear Cherry Bomb

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