Factory Farming Is A Catastrophe For the World

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Good day, Good Evening!  Wherever you are, thank you for being here to read this post that's about to go down.  Such a serious tone compared to the usual, ay? I didn't intend to even write this rather decided too while I was writing about 'Ya Mamas' Recycling Program.

I may not be a seasoned writer at this point, but I do know to keep my posts on topic even though there is always overlap.  This part is the overlap that 100% deserves its own post, so here goes...

Also, I want to spare you of the grotesque imagery & will be keeping this post light. But encourage you to look up the details & images yourself so you at least have the awareness. Being aware is better than ignorance ; )

A newer business model

I don't even know where to start here: do I go into the basics of what factory farming even is?  

Factory farming has only been around for maybe 30 years or so ... like, I personally am older than it. Even though I am familiar with it, I don't want to assume you are, so to brief you read about it here.  You can also google "factory farming."

photo: cattle factory farm.  That pond is the toxic animal waste. This waste typically seeps into aquifers & runs off contaminating fresh water & oceans 
factory farming


 But seriously, 'out of site out of mind,' right? The thing is that it's not out of site when environmental change is happening in front of our faces: Australia fires, California Fires, Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunamis, Devastating hurricanes etc. 


Honestly, I think it's bat shit crazy that dead animals raised for consumption are cheaper than heads of lettuce... wtf?!

Am I some type of anomaly to believe it's insane how the population adopted factory farming to capitalize off animals, as if this would be considered normal behavior. Not to mention how grossly inhumane & destructive; not only to the earth, but to the people who are working these jobs.    

Global Offset

"Globally, deforestation for animal grazing and feed crops is estimated to emit 2.4 billion tons of CO2 every year. ...And to top it off, "Factory farming accounts for 37% of methane (CH4) emissions, which has more than 20 times the global warming potential of CO2." (DoSomething.org)

deforestation Global


The thing is we all consciously & subconsciously see what we want & don't. A blind eye is turned pretty regularly. Which is totally normal & fine.

Everybody has their own journey.  Maybe this is your time; your place...  GO VEG!

Life is short; Evolve Higher!  XOXcherry bombin wear

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