Arogant Graffiti Artist's worst nightmare comes true after payback in the streets

Cherry Bomb - EMTeam

Hey ya'll what is up?  I am back to playing catch up this week with all of these new posts I've been meaning to write.

This one is a true classic & needs to be published not only for the sake of graffiti culture but for all womxn standing up against toxic-masculinity & machismo pendejos!

2010: Romance with a Graffiti Artist

Dose Fly Id


So back in 2010... a decade ago now, WOW! I started dating this guy who is pretty well know around these parts of Arizona for his graffiti writing & street art, Dose Fly Id.


We met & made a connection right away & like all pendejo men, this guy shmoozed me & bamboozled me into believing that what we had going on was pretty legit.


He was freshly divorced from his wife & needed help. (Imagine that) My mother had a house rental I put him up in, even got his sorry ass a bed to sleep on... things were cool, I really enjoyed the sex & his art. 

The Cherry Bomber was born



Dose taught me how to have can control with the spray paint in his art studio.  We started painting my Cherry Bomb around town.  I was really into this & of course loved being the rebel my heart naturally desired.

What I also learned from Dose is that there is a huge culture surrounding graffiti.  It would be inappropriate to go into detail here but what I can tell you is that it is all about respect.

cherry bomb paz cantina Roosevelt row


Toxic - Masculinity

Dose had 3 daughters from 2 different women & would say to me, with his charming voice while gazing with his dark brown sparkling eyes, "I've always wanted a son."  I told him straight up, I'd have an abortion if he even tried getting me pregnant. He did not like this at all.  In fact I knew things changed between us right then & there, but didn't really care. Sex.

I liked his bad attitude.  I liked the role playing, but little did I know he was a real womanizer & was most likely not playing.

One day I woke up unusually early, for no reason at all & looked out my window two houses down, where he lived (at my mothers rental) & saw him walking a gal to her car. 

Oh really, I thought?! You want to have women on the side & not share? I don't think so: because sharing would only mean this is a relationship built on equal desires vs. some kind of ownership for him.

I walked right over there & told him to pack his bags. BYE!

rooftop: looking west from 7th avenue bridge over train tracks. downtown Phoenix

cherry bombin capped Dose Fly Id

There was a yelling match where the last words out of his mouth were, " You're a woman who needs to learn her place." 

I died inside... Of course the first thought was, "Is this guy for real?!! & "OMG, he was never really playing a role, rather acting out his real life ideals!"  I was horrified.

Capping that Ass

He moved out & I hit the streets.  Payback was going to be karma forever; if it wouldn't make him learn, he'd never forget & no one else would either.
Dose had showed me how to paint & where all his fills burns & murals were, even shit that was burning for years, because he was somebody.  I capped it.  I capped his work in broad day light. I climbed water pipes 2 stories, scaled fences, went out late nights & bombed on top of all his work.

cherry bombin defaced Dose Fly Id

Cute little white girl, put her privilege to use.  Being white & skinny : no one looks twice, unless they are checking me out.  I seriously had gallons of paint with rollers & rolling pans middle of the day, like I was just fixing it... And I was!


In street terms "capping" means painting your artwork on top of another persons.  Not only does this mean complete disrespect to the person who you painted over, but it also means you are challenging them on every level while everybody watches. Plus to top it off, for a woman to do this to a man in the streets makes them look like nothing less than a real chump & well deserved!


A bunch of writers & artists from EMT befriended me.  These guys are the coolest cats & I give them mad respect for rocking by me!  By standing up for myself in their language of graffiti, I earned their solid respect. They started writing Cherry Bombin' & represented pretty dang hard.  I never got into letters & just kept to my Cherry Bomb; all the letter work you see in these photos they painted.

Cherry Bombin' EMT Dyal

My old house: 9th avenue/Roosevelt Downtown Phoenix


The gal I busted Dose walking to the car, he bait hooked & dated for some time. She took care of his sorry ass & got pregnant with his fourth daughter. That shit didn't last. To top it off, he certainly is the most dead beat dad I've ever known to this day. 

The gal was best friends to a friend of mine. I sent the warning calls but no one listened. This guy is so charming that my friend even betrayed me because I "defaced" his artwork. LOL,  Funny how the universe works its magick in my favor, every time!

This story was written to relay a message to encourage girls & womxn of all kind to persevere in the face of emotional & psychological defeat!

Sending high vibes to all the womxn who cross his path!  

XOX cherry bomb



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  • wish I would’ve read this sooner, but all I have to say is from what I’ve seen, he’s has dated only two artists out of all the others , you and I , some of my best work came from escaping that sorry excuse for a human being , & hey he didn’t trap us with a baby thank god, u go girl and kudos to the woman you have become! Thanks for sharing :) this may have finally been the closure I needed to not feel so alone

  • Love you!

    Cocoe teeezeee

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