Happy New Year: 20/20

Hey there loves, Happy New Year!  Not only is it a new decade, but it is 2020.

2020 Vision New Year of enlightenmentNaturally, I see this year coming on strong.  2020 is one big ass round number: just looking at it is powerful.  Not only that but I heard 2020 is supposed to be the year of enlightenment.

What does this even mean?

Does this mean we are going to move into this new decade with clearer insight? Or Perhaps with more of an intuitive third eye sense of spirituality & clarity, shedding all types of karmic energy we've been carrying for centuries?


...was such a powerful year for pushing me in this direction, both with gaining a ton of clarity in a literal & intuitive spiritual sense. It represented transformation & alignment for me on the deepest levels one could only imagine.

Firstly, In January I found myself able to execute many of the things I envisioned for Cherry Bombin' wear.  I had struggled with creating my web content for at least a year, then suddenly was able to write my whole website in about a weeks time.  

It was the most refreshing feeling I had ever felt: it was in a sense unbelievable.


With this clarity I was able to execute my dreams for my company & brand. Not only did I want to expand my visibility to a broader audience, but I wanted to take this expansion & share it with our community though charitable donation. Ultimately this represents complete fulfillment as being a self made business womxn.

Supernatural Power

I finally unlearned limiting myself, which in turn limits our community & womxn of all kind. Clarity is a supernatural power & holds so much strength for movement & growth, in the way that is most suitable for our dreams to come alive!

Cheers to all of us coming ALIVE & evolving to the next place of real freedom & bliss in this magickal world! We are evolving LOVE & togetherness.

tune in connected spiritually

Keeping it short...  May your 2020 be bright & BOLD!

XOX cherry bombin wear cherry bomb





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