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Cherry Bombin' wear: Up-cycling Rubber tubes for over a decade

Hey hey ... How's it going, ya'll?   Let's talk about all of this rubber business: Recycling, Up-cycling, Reusing all of these insane rubber tubes! 

I mean for real though, is this genius or what?!

Instead of wasting TONS of resources (& money) to fabricate & manufacture a new textile: we are up-cycling rubber tube waste.  

By recovering rubber from the wasteland vs. using actual animal leather; we REFUSE the devastating effects factory farming commits on our beautiful Mother Earth.


Buytle Rubber upcycling & recycling













Not only are these tubes second generation rubber, their function for use is truly superior to any other material on the market. 
Let me put it to you like this...Rubber Tubes are manufactured to perform on a roadway, meaning: Top Speed - High Grime- Heavy Impact.  Which leaves me with one word to describe it: Indestructible. 



Rubber is pretty much indestructible & because it's purpose is as such, it not only is extremely low maintenance... it is the lowest maintenance of maintenance. Cleaning is basic or don't bother cleaning it at all; which is the real WOW here.  If for whatever reason: your lazy, tired, short-on-time : you can just leave the rubber dirty & get back to it hours, even days later without it showing any signs of neglect!!



Cleaner & Conditioner


Cleaning & Conditioning

And yes, you will (I hope) at some point want it 'So Fresh-N-So Clean,' which is why I had an all natural Squeaky Cleaner & Softening Conditioner developed: to keep it super soft & supple regardless of your daily routine. Like all things, the sun & dry conditions will eventually effect it's integrity, so definitely for an extra $20, grab yourself these to keep your sex gear fabulously good, for 'like' ever!  

The cleaner is naturally anti-bacterial which makes it great for safer sex. Both the cleaner & conditioner are non-toxic animal free, no parabens or fragrances & formulated using special oils. They even have their very own sweet Cherry Bomb' scent. 

Rubber Rules

Rubber is the ruler of all leather.  It levels up the leather industry, which to me is revolutionary.  Besides it being super soft, lightweight & slightly stretchy, it is super strong.  Plus a unique aspect of the rubber is that it's tacky: giving it the ability to cling onto skin in a very unique way, ideal for true bondage.

upcycle recycle rubber tubes

Up-Cycle Your Rubbers

Cherry Bombin' wear is always accepting tube donations.  In fact we encourage you to patch your tube before replacing it. But when it needs to be replaced please do send them our way. We will never turn down a tube donation ... & if you're super lucky I will use your very own flat tube for your purchase.

Send all tubes to my stitchery.


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