Cherry Bombin' wear has retailers all around the country & even one in Ireland!

Early to bed chicago

hey hey cool cats! I have been writing for almost a week now.  I literally haven't wrote since I graduated college with a Womxn & Gender Studies BA in 2002.  I am rusty but trusty over here... pardon any missed edits as this may take me a few weeks to get back in the groove.  I am feeling it super hard though & as of late' my life is pretty much this way, all around!  Just wait & you will see.  Basically, I've been sailing the seas since 2002 & 'my boat has just landed!' (Literally)

Early to bed chicago

Lez talk retailers.  Now that I've opened this discussion up with my Good Vibrations homage, I want to tell you about my other current fabulous retailers connected among us. 

Although I sell my products direct having retailers is such a huge part of my being & success.  Besides many folx wanting to support their local sex-posi shops, a lot of people want to look..., feel..., & smell.  Mmmmmm...  & plus who doesn't want to go shopping at any of these super fun, high vibe, sex toy shops?

It's like being a kid in a candy store.  Not only do you get what you're looking for, but you get all of that & then some!  

Lotus Blooms -- Cherry Bombinw wear retailer

It is guaranteed you will walk out if not knowing more about yourself, definitively knowing more about the evolution of sex toys, sexuality & masturbation.

We all have more to learn about sex, sexuality, orgasms, our bodies, other peoples bodies etc.  For me sexuality is like the ocean; always flowing, moving & shifting.

Smitten Kitten Minneapolis Minnesotta




So if you live in any one of these bigger cities:  NYC, Boston, Alexandria, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Tucson, San Francisco, Seattle or Dublin Ireland you are in luck!  My affiliate retailers are listed below. I am always looking for more retailers, so if you have a favorite in your town & want to see Cherry Bombin' wear Rubber Leather, femme fetish, fun locally ... HOLLA holla! Cherry bombin rubber leather fetish


Awakening Boutique, CO - Babeland - Early 2 Bed, IL - Good Vibrations - Jellywink Boutique - Lotus Blooms - Smitten Kitten & Sex Siopa

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