Toxic Patriarchal Backlash in the new Sexual Era


Hey there you gxys--  I'm having another late evening of writing & want to share some thoughts regarding another issue womxn & girls are facing today.  This struggle appears to stem directly from our very own, hard earned, Sexual Liberation.

Has the #metoo movement justified yet another juncture of global feminist awakening? If not, it certainly needs too because we have a whole new war to fight!


Okay well..., perhaps it's not an entirely new war but it is certainly of another level. As writer Van Badham says, "As soon as older feminists had won sexual liberation, patriarchy reframed it as sexual availability for men." 

Do you agree with this statement from Badham?  I definitely see where she is going with this, but also believe men have always felt entitled to femmes bodies, regardless.

But it's a new generation of men, young boys... who have been taught control & power on the basis of our very own sexual liberation.

sexual consent


I recently had a conversation with a Planned Parenthood volunteer who happened to be shopping at Babeland in Soho NYC of all places, when I there was visiting.

I don't recall where the conversation began but I do remember it ended with me in deep thought questioning how the concept of consent barely exists for young men & boys of the millennial generation.

I mean "HELLO...!! Consent, really?!" This is something unspeakable; non consensual is called rape.  How are these boys completely missing this???  

This womxn continued to tell me that throughout her experience volunteering on college campus' in the NYC metro area, that they are confronted by boys who completely ignore consent & deny that it even exists.


Based on this womxn's experience on college campus' & these couple articles quoted here, I am led to believe that Consent really is the new war on patriarchy.

Writer David Quinn says, in The Times UK, “The only sexual rule today is ‘consent’, and men have been taught that women are potentially always sexually available because that is what ‘liberation’ means.”

YIKES!  Who wants to talk more about this? Comment.

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