Whats up with this Cherry Bombin wear anyways...?

Whats up with this Cherry Bombin wear anyways...?

Anzela Tsimahidis founder est 2007

Hey ya'll ... It's Anzela owner & creator over here at Cherry Bombin' wear stitchery.  So what is up with that Cherry Bomb?  well... ya know I've been making fine sustainable goods by up-cycling rubber bike tubes for 12 years.  I made my first pair of restraint cuffs in 2010 then shortly afterwards designed The Roadster Strap-On Harness & have been selling these babies on the underground ever since. 

Good Vibrations was my very first sex shop boutique retailer who even did the honors of prototyping. 

The time has finally come for me to make my move & connect deeper with my feminist health slut community.  Besides timing being of the essence..., honestly I'm about to get into: 'Big Trouble in Little Vagina.'  

XOXAnzela Cherry Bombin wear founder est 2007

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